AWLP - Alptekin's Wireless Linux Project     




 System Requirements 

 Hardware Compatibility 




     ::: SCREEN SHOTS :::

          6 screenshots from v1.0 are available at SourceForge

     ::: FEATURES :::

  • Designed to run on GNU/Linux Slackware 10.1
  • Uses HostAP Driver (v0.3.9) and Utilities (v0.3.7)
  • Uses NoCatAuth (0.82) Captive Portal
  • Includes Bridge Utils (v1.0.6)
  • Written in Perl
  • Option to trim-down non-critical OS parts for reduced storage
  • Password-protected web-based management
  • 40-bit and 104-bit WEP Encryption (64-bit and 128-bit with 24-bit Initialization Vector)
  • Firewall with configurable outgoing port list
  • Caching-only DNS Server with up-to-date root name servers list
  • DHCP Server leasing private IPs
  • IP Masquerading with NAT
  • Apache Web Server running as non-root user
    NTP Server with time synchronization from a Stratus level 2 server
  • Access Control List for authentication control
  • Client SNR and bandwidth usage radars
  • Ability to check for updates online
  • Detailed client statistics and client management features